4" White/Blue Sage Bundles (one single bundle)

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Are you looking to get rid of bad spirit or any kind of funky juju in you or your families home?

Maybe you're out off Lysol and you just want fresh air! Who knows?

You could just want some organic edible herbs that are good for your respiratory system during this flu and covid seasons!

Try our Ethically harvested
sage, handpicked from Native Americans, on their reservation, in the United States. 

Sage is known for physical health benefits such as:
Burning Sage
-Cleans the air of 96% of airborne bacteria 
-Stress reliever 
-Bug Repellent 
Eating Sage 
-Lowers your risk of cancer 
-Improves memory
-Helps prevent Cavities 

Sage is also used for smudging and is said to get rid of old spirits.