Cleansing kit! (Abalone Shell, Satin Spar Wand, Sage, Chakra Tumble Set)

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Treat Yourself to Some Good Vibes   
this is one of the best kits you can buy yourself to clear your mind and meditate with. It will help remind you "better moments have been here, better moments are here and better moments will come!"    - Wrapping Rappers 

Abalone Shell

(known for soothing vibrations and bringing them back to gentle)

Random Tumble Chakra Set
WE will choose 7 random tumbles just for you! Crystals you may receive!
-Clear Quartz

-Rose Quartz
-Smokey Quartz
-and many more!

Crystals with * beside them can come in different colors!

Loose Sage

Sage is known for physical health benefits such as:

Burning Sage

-Cleans the air off 96% of airborne bacteria 
-Stress reliever 
-Bug Repellent 

Eating Sage 
-Lowers your risk of cancer 
-Improves memory
-Helps prevent Cavities 

Satin Spar stick/wand 
(Satin Spar is formed by water and destroyed by water. So try not to touch it with sweaty hands! It is also known as the sage of stones being able to cleanse itself and stones around it.)