WR Worry Stone 3pc KIT

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"I said don't worry, about a thing. Cause every little thing gunna be alright" -Bob Marley

Are you one to get nervous and not know what to do with your hands? If so this is the top notch solution! They take up minimum space in your hands and even less in your pockets! They don't make any noises, so people around you will barely every notice you have it! 

3 random (you no longer have to) worry stones!

These Kits make wonderful Presents and Holiday Gifts for your Crystal loving loves!

Wrapping Rapper's will hand select 3 stones from the listed items below and it will be a mystery until your good vibe package arrives within days of your order!

Kit may include high quality

-Amethyst -Dream Amethyst
-Clear Quartz -Rose Quartz
-Lapiz -Unikite -Sodalite
-Green Aventurine
-Orange Aventurine
-Blue Aventurine
-Red Jasper -Picture Jasper
-Rhodonite -Sodalite
-Tigers Eye -many more!

"(this is my message to you)" -Bob Marley