Healing Crystals Healing Stones

Some of the most beautiful things that are created on/within the earth! They also create a highly controversial phrase, "Healing Stones"! People often speak on the vibrations that the crystals have! In all reality, people aren't speaking on a physical level! They are generally speaking on a metaphysical level! No one is saying you can heal a broken bone with crystals! SOOOO, what is being healed then? Trying to translate something that isn't for the physical is rather complicated but here is a go at it! 

Consciousness is something that exist but can't be seen, right? Sometimes, our consciousness feels pain or is distracted or even sleep! The "crystals vibrations" are said to be what helps to reactivate or balance out our consciousness. Seeing that the healing process is taking on something that many can't see, the language barrier is quite high.

We have done research after research after research it has been hard to find a definite answer on what these stones do and/or are healing! They have anciently been put into categories called Chakras! The chakra charts show which part of the physical(ish) these "healing crystals" are supposed to be helping! 

We cannot guarantee that any of the stones will help "open up your third eye" 
or even "keep you grounded"! What we can guarantee is that it's worth a try over doing anything that is illegal or self harming! 

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