Crystal ID

Hi, welcome to our crystal Identify page! Below you will find several different pictures with information that will help you figure out the name of your, and other, tumbled crystals!

We have also added in simple metaphysical properties of each stone as well!

We have started posting pictures on the bottom of the page of untouched natural/raw pieces! 

We are positive you that you will have your crystals figured out by the time you finish going over these. If you still have questions please feel free to contact us at or message us on Facebook or Instagram @wrappingrappers

Agate: reds, blues, orange, white tan, grey. Some of our Agates have tiny spots but most of them have banded layers

Metaphysical: Concentration

Black Tourmaline. Matte black(some have red spots...Hematite) some have shiny finish but most of ours do not

Metaphysical: Protection

Blue Tiger Eye: Dark blue into gold with a beautiful flash when held to light

Metaphysical: Protection, Power

Cat Eye: any color (man made) Has a line of reflection resembling a cats eye!

Metaphysical: Aura Protection

Dalmatian Jasper: White Stone with black dots. (not as shiny as our zebra Jasper)

Metaphysical: Balance

Gold Stone (man made): Gold With copper colored Flakes (The flakes are REAL copper)

Metaphysical: Luck, Ambition

Healerite: Yellow/Green

Metaphysical: You guest it, Healing

Leopard Jasper: Red Yellow Browns, Spotted like a leopard

Metaphysical: Endurance, Strength

Moonstone: tan some have white looking cracks in the inside of them! some also have a very distinct white flash if you hold a light to them

Metaphysical: Change

Palm Root, Neutral Color browns, blacks, grays. some look like melting tree!

Metaphysical: Balance,, Transformation

Picasso Jasper: Grey, White, Tan, Brown normally has lines of one of these colors going through them!

Metaphysical: Self Clarity

Quartz: white, cannot see through

Metaphysical: Amplify, Master Healer

Red Tiger Eye: From red, dark red, dark color with a beautiful flash when held to the light

Metaphysical: Motivation

Ruby Kyanite: blue or green tumbled crystals with little red spots! The little red spots are Rubies. Fun Fact if you hold a blue light to rubies they will become reactive to the light!

Metaphysical: Healing, Travel

Sodalite: Dark Blue some are blue and white some have red/orange spots on the (from hematite) could be confused with dumortierite but our Sodalite is normally a darker blue

Metaphysical: Intuition

Unakite: Green and pink

Metaphysical: Vision

Zebra Jasper: Black and White stone with shiny finish

Metaphysical: Motivation

Amazonite: Pale Blue/Green some with brown spots. most have shiny finish when held towards light

Metaphysical: Luck

Blue Aventurine: Very light to darker blue (grey)

Metaphysical: Calming

Brecciated Jasper: Red, orange, yellow black brown. most have almost clear lines separating the color

Metaphysical: Focus

Clear Quartz: You can see right through this crystal.

Metaphysical: Amplify, Master Healer

Dumortierite: all blues with White, grey, or black patterns

Metaphysical: Relax, Harmony

Gold Tiger Eye: from light Gold to Dark Gold with a beautiful flash in the light!

Metaphysical: Strength , Courage

Hematite: Grey or Silver metal, holds weight

Metaphysical: Grounding, Healing

Mahogany Obsidian: Black and Brown/Red (mahogany)

Metaphysical: Adventure, Grounding

Moss Agate: mostly Green crystal, if you take a look inside it will look like the green is moss trapped inside of quartz

Metaphysical: Emotional Balance

Peach Aventurine: peach color

Metaphysical: Prosperity

Picture Jasper: Brown and tan stone that look like a desert scene

Metaphysical: Connection to Earth

Rainbow Moonstone: white stone, some have black. and if you get lucky when holding a light to the crystal you will see a blue flash 1 in 100! 1 or 2 out of every few thousand have a rainbow flash

Metaphysical: New Beginning, Compassion

Rhodonite: Pink and Black

Metaphysical: Compassion

Shiva Lingham: Tan Brown, different patterns through these colors on each, long egg shape!

Metaphysical: Balance, Fertility

Strawberry Quartz. Red stone with a bright shiny finish

Metaphysical: Calming

Yellow Quartz: most go from yellow to clear

Metaphysical: Master Healer

Amethyst: Purple crystal sometimes with white clear or dark smoky color

Metaphysical: Tranquility

Blue Goldstone: Dark blue stone with copper colored sparkles (sparkles are REAL copper)

Metaphysical: Confidence, Ambition

Carnelian: Orange Red or Brown

Metaphysical: Courage, Confidence

Crazy Lace Agate: Mostly can be yellow, green, brown, pink, gray with "crazy" laced patterns

Metaphysical: Happiness

Garden Quartz: clear quartz with different minerals (Chlorite) inside of it!

Metaphysical: Grounding

Green Aventurine. light green to dark green

Metaphysical: Luck, Prosperity

Labradorite: tan or greyish scale . Most a has different color flash when you hold to the light!

Metaphysical: Communication

Mookaite: Yellow Red Brown Orange and/or Pink

Metaphysical: Adventure, Grounding

Ocean Jasper: Colors Vary and Patterns Vary. You can have green, orange, red Yellow, blue, gold and sometimes these colors mix. our OJ is currently on the smaller side as well

Metaphysical: Patience, Change

Peach Moonstone: peach color with a shiny finish (could be mistaken for peach aventurine) But if you hold to the light you should see a quartz like flash on the moonstone

Metaphysical: Safety

Prehnite: Green some with black or brown spots! Smaller than Green Aventurine

Metaphysical: Healing Healers

Red Jasper: Red, kind of matte

Metaphysical: Grounding, Healing, Protection

Rose Quartz: Pink, Shiny Finish crystal updated to even better quality

Metaphysical: Self Love

Smokey Quartz: black or grey, very shiny finish(sometimes you can almost see through them!

Metaphysical: Ground, Protection

Tree Agate White Stone with Green lines through it

Metaphysical: Peace

Yellow Jasper: light Yellow - Dark Tan most have lines and patterns through them

Metaphysical: Strength, Mental Clarity




Raw/Natural stones below

Quartz - Natural: These have 3 different make ups, Points, Chunks, and Clusters. Coloration white to Clear!

Most Points are hexagonal structured with little points on the top! like the eyes in this picture

Clusters are 2 or more points growing in the same structure like the nose in the picture

Chunks have no specific structure and can be any shape like the bottom three pictures in the photo

Rose Quartz: Pink with the structure of a quartz crystal chunk. some are very faintly pink and some are solid pink

Green Aventurine:(natural) Green crystal with quartz like formation on the outside of it!

Tiger Eye - Natural: mostly Gold colored with a beautiful golden flash!

Orange Calcite: Orange crystal seems as if there are 100s of blocks and blades stacked on top of each. you may see white, grey, or black, colorations throughout the crystal!

Red Jasper: (natural) Matte Crimson Red may have some orange or black shaded areas

Heat Treated Amethyst - Citrine. Clear with a yellow/goldish tint.

This is highly mistaken for natural Citrine. The truth is these are takin through a manmade heating process to change the chemical balance and coloration to become what citrine is!

Blue Kyanite Blades: Bright Blue blade, skinny and long. Ours are .5"- 3" long


Black Tourmaline: Black, some have little red hematite inclusions in them Higher quality will have horizontal lines.           

Imagine if the earth took a tiny knife and cut around the crystal's hexigonal sides on the sides a few dozen times. The scientific name for this is prismatic!

This Stone also growns through many other crystals, but most commonly Quartz

Fun fact: Quartz is the second most common mineral in Earth's continental crust!


Quartz geodes begin as bubbles in sedimentary rocks. Over millions of years, they harden and form Crystals inside.
Fun fact: Every geode is different. When you crack open a geode, you are the first person to see what is inside!

Amethyst: purple quartz
Fun fact: Amethyst is the birth stone of February. Egyptian soldiers would wear amethyst in battle believing that it gave them courage.

 Jasper: red, yellow, brown, or green

Fun fact: Jasper gets it's red color from iron and it's green color from iron silicate. It can be a mix of colors too.


 Kyanite: blue, black or green

Fun fact: The bladed structure of Kyanite make it anisotropic, meaning it has a different hardness depending on the angle. The vertical hardness of Kyanite ranges from 4.5 to 5.5, and horizontal hardness from 6 to 7.